E foil Experience

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Ever wanted to feel like nothing else matters in the world? 

That freedom of floating without boundaries by just one push of a button, is right at your fingertips. 

Welcome to the world of foiling; a new word and meaning to extreme sport. 

Above the waves E-foiling experience will allow you to experience this and more. The most peaceful and smooth ride ever encountered. Combine surfing, SUP, skateboarding and snowboarding together and you are foiling. Not only are you able to experience an extreme sport and breakthrough experience, you are able to combat any element and still be able to foil.Powered by a super quiet environmentally friendly motor that is charged by solar power, these motors are made perfectly to keep our oceans at its perfect state without interrupting it with things like petrol and oil. 

Foiling is above the waves and above the chaos giving you the experience like you are floating on air. A magic carpet that will take you anywhere. 

Above the waves E-Foil experience.


Your above the waves experience is a 2 hour all up session. 

A half hour water and safety video followed by 1.5hrs on the clear waters of Shoal bay beach. Our Fliteboard boards are the series 2, 2021 with the latest Bluetooth technology along with the most up to date safety features.

 All safety equipment is supplied with your E foil experience. 

This includes- life vest and helmets. They are Australian standard approved. 

Full intercom communication on helmets for personalised 1 on 1 coaching and training.

 The E-Foil experience is next level combining surfing skateboarding snowboarding gives you a sense of floating on air it is designed to give you the most exhilarating ride of a lifetime in one of the most pristine clear waters of beautiful Shoal Bay.

For all enquiries and to book please send an email to hello@dolphinandwhalewatch.com or call 

0423 333 570