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Fun in the sun

For the Beach & activities

For Fishing


Silver whale tail

Black leather cord 

Surf Bracelets

Assorted designs & colours

Turtle Pendants
Assorted designs


By Charlie Jade Creations

Silver girls rings

Assorted styles

Unisex large dress rings

Charlie Jade Pendants

Assorted styles

Girls birthstone pendants

Assorted colours

Chakra Bracelet

Multicolour braid adjustable

Chakra Symbols


Chakra Bracelet

Full bead adjustable

Turtle necklace & earings


Ladies Sunglasses

Guys Sunglasses

Boho Sunglasses

Blue & Pink tint

Retro rainbow

Glasses for all occasions

Retro pink & blue

A rose tinted world

Retro Purple

Sassy & sexy


Anti Nausea Bands

Helps with sea & travel sickness - all ages

Glass paperweight

With colour changing base

Paint by number

Canvas, paints & brushes

Foam gliders

Multicoloured, kids favourite

Garden Butterflies

Watch them sway in the wind

Decor Sculptures

Hand made & boxed


Watch the picture take shape

Wall Decals

3D wall Porthole

Angelfish & corals

3D Porthole

3 inquisitive dolphins

3D Porthole

White pointer shark

3D Porthole

Large single dolphin

Turtle decal

12 turtles in differing sizes

Wall decal

Under the sea theme

Wall decal

Sparkly fish & stars

Wall decal

Cute pink whale & jellyfish

Wall decal

Shell & starfish theme

Wall decal

Luminous under the sea theme

Sunflower mirror

Silver adhesive decor decal

Sunflower mirror

Black adhesive decor decal

Ocean sticker

Use around base of walls