Which Wharf is Which?

This is a question that we come across everyday so by putting this page together we hope that it may help you to be there in plenty of time to make your cruise.

We hate seeing people miss the boat as unfortunately there is no refund given if this happens.

Map from Dolphin and Whale Watch Booking Agency to Dock C & D

Map of Nelson Bay Shopping Centre

This is Wharf 1 where our office is located


Wharf 1 is where our office is situated.

The following cruises that we book go from this Wharf:

  • The Moonshadow Spirit Splash n Slide Cruise (November -April only)

  • Nelson Bay Fishing Charters - pick up and drop off point on the Public Wharf

  • Moonshadow IV - used for extra Dolphin discovery cruises in summer and some private charters

This is Dock C

This is where the Y Knot Ferry departs from daily at 11am


Dock C is across the bay from where our office is located.

From our office it is an easy 5-7 minute walk past the trees on the foreshore, heading back into town and down the first dock (Sign says Dock C)


The following cruises that we book go from this Dock:

  • Imagine Cruises - Halfway along Dock C on the right of the dock. In summer, Imagine runs a Dolphin and sailing cruise and marine discovery and in Whale season, a 3 hour whale watch.

  • Moonshadow V - The first large cruiser on Dock C In summer Moonshadow V runs the Dolphin Discovery cruise as well as the Eats n Beats dinner cruise.

  • The Hinchinbrook Explorer - the second large cruiser on Dock C. This cruiser is used mainly in Whale season for the 2 1/2 hr whale watching cruise.

  • DOCK D - down Dock C then turn right onto Dock D

  • The Spirit of Port goes from this dock. This is often used in summer as another Splash n Slide cruiser so always check your tickets before going to the Dock or Wharf. The Spirit of Port is also used for our special cruises such as Broughton Island and Fingal Island day cruises.